2017-2018 Basketball Schedule:



  DATE     DAY                                                                     TIME     LOCATION  
26-Nov Sun 4n Albert OLOW Blue 2:40 Woods
2-Dec Sat 4 Albert   9:50 Hale Park
3-Dec Sun 4n Albert MG Gold 3:10 Frontier
9-Dec Sat 4 Albert   12:10 Hale Park
10-Dec Sun 4n Cajetan Blk Albert 1:00 Cajetan
16-Dec Sat 4 Albert   11:30 Hale Park
16-Dec Sat 4n Q M Albert 4:50 Germaine
23-Dec Sat 4n Albert Barnabas Wht 4:50 Barnabas
30-Dec Sat 4n Albert Linus 2:50 Linus
6-Jan Sat 4 Albert   12:15 Hale Park
6-Jan Sat 4n Albert CK Wht 4:30 Germaine
13-Jan Sat 4 Albert   11:30 Hale Park
16-Jan Tues 4n Catherine Red Albert 5:30 Catherine
20-Jan Sat 4 Albert   1:35 Hale Park
21-Jan Sun 4n Mike Wht Albert 1:30 Frontier
27-Jan Sat 4 Albert   12:55 Hale Park
28-Jan Sun 4n Albert N W 1:30 Frontier
2-Feb Sat 4 Albert   12:55 Hale Park
8-Feb Thur 4n Albert OLOR 5:30 Frontier
10-Feb Sat 4 Albert   12:55 Hale Park
11-Feb Sun 4n CK Maroon Albert 1:30 Frontier
17-Feb Sat 4 Albert   12:55 Hale Park
17-Feb Sat 4n Germaine Albert 5:30 Germaine




   DATE           DAY                                                    TIME             LOCATION          
25-Nov Sat 6w Albert IJP 7:40 I J P
1-Dec Fri 6 Albert AGC 6:00 Hale Park
3-Dec Sun 6w MG Wht Albert 2:20 Frontier
6-Dec Wed 6 Albert St Mary's 8:00 Hale Park
9-Dec Sat 6w Mike Blue Albert 10:40 Mike's
15-Dec Fri 6 Albert Mark Sheridan 6:45 Hale Park
16-Dec Sat 6w Albert Central Wht 9:00 Central
30-Dec Sat 6w CB Wht Albert 10:40 C B
6-Jan Sat 6w CK Wht Albert 5:30 C K
10-Jan Wed 6 Albert St Richards 8:00 Hale Park
13-Jan Sat 6w Albert Barnabas Wht 5:40 Barnabas
14-Jan Sun 6w Albert OLOW Wht 2:40 Woods
19-Jan Fri 6 Albert St Jane 6th 6:00 Hale Park
26-Jan Fri 6 Albert St Jane Red 5th 7:30 AM Hale Park
27-Jan Sat 6w Cajetan Gold Albert 6:20 Frontier
30-Jan Tue 6w Gerald Albert 6:20 Gerald
3-Feb Sat 6w Albert MHR Wht 11:30 MHR
7-Feb Wed 6 Albert ACERO 8:00 Hale Park
10-Feb Sat 6w Albert Catherine Blk 3:40 Germaine
10-Feb Sat 6w Albert Germaine 7:10 Germaine
11-Feb Sun 6w MG Gold Albert 2:20 Frontier
16-Feb Fri 6 Albert St Nick's 6:00 Hale Park
21-Feb Thur 6 Albert St Jane Black 5th 8:00 Hale Park
28-Feb Thur 6 Albert St. Joseph 7:15 Hale Park




  DATE     DAY                                                                       TIME        LOCATION   
25-Nov Sat 7s Albert Damian 6:00 Damian
27-Nov Mon 7 Albert Byrne 7th 8:00 Hale Park
1-Dec Fri 7s Pat's Albert 7:10 Christopher
4-Dec Mon 7 Albert Lindblom 7:15 Hale Park
10-Dec Sun 7s Central Albert 1:30 Frontier
17-Dec Sun 7s Albert MG Gold 3:10 Frontier
22-Dec Fri 7s Albert Christina 6:20 Christina
30-Dec Sat 7s Linus Albert 12:20 Linus
5-Jan Fri 7s CB Red Albert 6:50 Damian
6-Jan Sat 7 Albert St Jane 9:15 AM Hale Park
9-Jan Tue 7s Albert Joe's 8:00 Joe's
16-Jan Tue 7s Cath Blk Albert 7:10 George
20-Jan Sat 7 Albert AGC 9:15 AM Hale Park
26-Jan Fri 7s Albert Christopher 7:10 Christopher
27-Jan Sat 7s George Albert 2:30 George
29-Jan Mon 7 Albert St Marys 8:00 Hale Park
4-Feb Sun 7s Albert OLOR 1:30 Frontier
5-Feb Mon 7 Albert Sutherland 6:30 Hale Park
10-Feb Sat 7 Albert St Dans 8th 12:15 Hale Park
10-Feb Sat 7s Albert Al's 3:20 Al's
12-Feb Mon 7 Albert DORE 5:45 Hale Park
15-Feb Thur 7s Gerald Albert 7:10 Gerald
17-Feb Sat 7 Albert Mark Sheridan 10:45 AM Hale Park
19-Feb Mon 7 Albert ACERO 8:00 Hale Park