Big Parent Pay Off

The Big Parent Pay Off is a program designed to encourage parent participation. When parents volunteer, and when the school works in partnership with parents, our kids succeed!  As parents, it's not easy to join a committee or find the time to give. At St. Albert the Great, we believe that volunteering can come in many shapes and sizes, and in a wide variety of opportunities. When a parent volunteers at specific events throughout the month, their child(ren) earn a free Dress Down Day. Please see the events and dress down days listed below. A running list of the families that have earned a Dress Down Day will be updated here on this page, so return often to look for great volunteering opportunities!!



Click on the links below to sign up to volunteer:




Volunteer Opportunities this month:

May 17 Early Childhood Open House 8:00 am
May 18 Fun Fair 8:00 am

Parents will need to sign in for all events and sign out.

Here is the list of families that have earned their Spirit Day on Friday, May 25th:

Hernandez Family Social Media Bingo
Kirchman Family Social Media Bingo
Saymusiak Family Social Media Bingo
Cioch Family Social Media Bingo
Piszczek Family Social Media Bingo
Mietus Family Social Media Bingo
Espinoza Family Social Media Bingo
Bon Family Social Media Bingo
Arias Family Social Media Bingo
Piszczek Family Early Childhood Open House 
Duglopolski Family Fun Fair 
DiMiele Family Fun Fair 
Tavira Family Fun Fair 
Kurnat Family Fun Fair 
Visconti Family Fun Fair 
Hernandez Family  Fun Fair 
Duarte Family Fun Fair 
Szymusiak Family  Fun Fair 
Kwiatkowski Family Fun Fair 
Reyna Family Fun Fair 
Vargas Family  Fun Fair 
Madden Family Fun Fair 
Barrios Family  Fun Fair  
Rosas Family Fun Fair 
Cabrera Family Fun Fair 
Perez Family Fun Fair 
Adamski Family Fun Fair 
Remezas Family Fun Fair 
Guardado Family Fun Fair 
 Colorades Family  Fun Fair 
Vasquez Family  Fun Fair 
Ruiz Family Fun Fair 
Synal Family  Fun Fair 
Bolanos Family  Fun Fair 
Cioch Family  Fun Fair 
Tomczyk Family  Fun Fair 

Looking Ahead

The following are dates needed for the month of May (with the Spirit Day being on Tuesday, May 8th):

June 10 International child Day celebration 10am
June  SATG Endownment School clean   
August 23-26 Parish Carnival (Mandatory) TBD