School Counseling

Parents, faculty and students at St. Albert the Great School come together to support the social and emotional concerns that arise throughout the elementary and middle school years.

Our faculty and school counselor work in tandem to respond to the individual situations and needs of our students. 

Our school counselor uses appropiate appraisal methods to promote a school environment designed to propel students toward positive mindsets and behaviors supporting development though direct (e.g., classroom curriculum, group counseling and individual counseling) and indirect (e.g., collaborating or consulting with staff, families, or communities) services. Our school provides a Social/Emotional curriculum for K-8 classes on a weekly  basis. This class is referred as SEL (Social/Emotional Learning).

Topics include:

  • Character Education
  • Social Skills/Thinking
  • Executive Function Skills (organization, time management, study skills, test taking skills, etc.)
  • Emotional Regulation (Zones of Regulation)
  • Mindfulness
  • Growth Mindset
  • Self-Awareness
  • High School/College/Career Development
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