At St. Albert the Great, we recognize that you have choices on where your children will be educated. This critical decision requires a financial sacrifice when choosing a private Catholic education.
Tuition Rates for the 2017-2018 School Year:

K-8 Tuition:

1 child:  $4,800.00

2 children:  $7,250.00

3  children:  $7,875.00

4+ children:  $8,100.00


K-8 Fees:

  1. Per child Application Fee:  $50.00

  2. Per child Materials Fee if paid in:           

  • February:  $200.00

  • March:  $250.00

  • April:  $300.00

  • May and after:  $350.00

Preschool Tuition:

3 or 4 year: 3 (½) half days:  $1,700.00              

3 or 4 year: 3 full days  $3,400.00

3 or 4 year: 5 (½) half days  $2,650.00

3 or 4 year: 5 full days  $4,800.00



Preschool Fees:

  1. Per child Application Fee:  $50.00

  2. Per child Materials Fee if paid in:

  • February:  $150.00

  • March:  $200.00

  • April:  $250.00

  • May or after:  $300.00



Mandatory Fundraising Requirements for All:

  • Carnival Raffle: $100.00 per family
  • World's Finest Candy Money:  $120.00  per child

Tuition Resources

Tuition Management website/accounts: 

SATG Finance Committee:  (708) 529-5506 or email:

School Office:  (708) 424-7757


St. Albert the Great utilizes FACTS Tuition Management. This web-based service allows parents to register for a payment plan and/or make a full payment via the web. It is hosted on secure servers and is accessible through your online FACTS account. Throughout the year, parents can log in to a password-protected site to check the status of their account, pay tuition and fees online, update demographic information, switch payment methods if preferred, and more -- all with the click of a mouse. This password-protected and encrypted site gives parents a full report of payments made, those still scheduled, and any account adjustments.
All families are required to create a FACTS online account for managing their tuition payments.

Log in at: 

Financial Assistance

St. Albert the Great offers financial assistance to those families who qualify so that the cost of tuition never becomes a factor in the decision making process.  Every family has their own financial need. Saint Albert the Great understands and is willing to assist in this matter.  There are a few ways that we work with our families:

1. CARITAS - This is a program run through the Archdiocese of Chicago.  If you are currently receiving CARITAS funds, you may reapply for this by applying for Financial Aid on your FACTS online account.  No new CARITAS funding will be available for new families.  For the 2017-2018 school year, CARITAS funds will only be dispersed for those already receiving it.

2.  SATG ENDOWMENT - This is a program run through the St. Albert the Great School Finance Committee.  Funds in this program are supported through the generosity of our donors and our fundraising efforts.  To be considered for the SATG Endowment, you simply need to apply for Financial Aid on your FACTS online account.  Families will be notified of their financial package by May 31, 2017.

3.  PARENT WORK PROGRAM - St. Albert the Great does as much as possible to make school affordable for all families.  Parents in need of assistance may enroll in our work program.  Slots are limited, but all efforts are made to work with the individual needs and availability of our parents. Please call Mrs. Krol in the main office if you would like to be considered for our Parent Work Program.  (708) 424-7757

4.  FLEXIBILITY - The St. Albert theGreat School Finance Committee works individually with all families to ensure that payments can be made and kept up with.  Each family has different needs and limitations.  Our Finance Committee will assist you by offering flexibility in your payments.  The Committee has set up flex payment scheduling through the FACTS Tuition Management system as well.  When you sign up for FACTS online, you may indicate your flex payment schedule.  If you need a more flexible schedule, please contact our Finance Committee at (708) 529-5506 or email at:



This is the page you will see when applying for Financial Aid.  

Where it says FACTS Grant & Aid - Apply for Financial Aid with FACTS, please click the "Start Application" button you see below:




Please call the school with any questions regarding the FACTS Management System or tuition at (708) 424-7757.